Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical HerbsFor all of you that are Wiccan, Pagan or even just practitioners of the craft will be delighted by the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham.

This is an absolute must have for anyone’s collection, whether they are experienced or just starting out.

Pretty much anyone with some years in the craft or within the Wiccan community can vouch that this book is an essential.

It’s the perfect guide when it comes to learning more in depth about herbs and their uses ranging from spell work, talismans and amulets.

The Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Cunningham offers the insight and experience you need to improve your work and empower your rituals even more so. Don’t pass this one up because it’s one of those books you find yourself referencing time and time again once you obtain it. Get yourself a copy of Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs today.

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