Clairvoyant vs Psychic: What’s the Difference?


Often times when seeking out a reading we’re faced with a person who describes themselves as clairvoyant and another who is psychic but what is the difference if any?

Although they are very similar there are some key differences between the two. Both can however perform accurate and insightful readings, so you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong one.

A psychic is a person who is able to themselves see into the past or the future as well as draw information from another persons thoughts. They themselves possess them ability to gain this information through their own use of extrasensory perception.

Psychic vs Clairvoyant

As for the clairvoyant they are able to do the same but the access to this information is gained in a different manner. The clairvoyant will pick up information through another source such as an angel, spirit guide or someone who has passed on.

They are also able to draw out information from objects and even pictures based upon the energy that is stored within them such as a family picture or an old watch left to you by a great grandfather.

So in essence the are both able to gain access to the information you desire from your reading, it’s just the way in which they access it that is a bit different. Experience the differences by getting a reading with an online psychic or clairvoyant today and you’ll find each of them is unique in their own right when it comes to harnessing their gifts.