Do Ouija Boards Work?

The Original Ouija Board from 1891

Do Ouija Boards work? That’s the age old question all of have most likely faced when either experimenting with them in our youth or when chatting about trying one out. The universal desire of wanting to communicate with people from the other side does nothing but add to the mystery that surrounds the mystical Ouija Board.

The Ouija Board is also known as a Talking or Spirit Board which reflects it’s purpose. It’s a flat board with a planchette (the small heart shaped piece you move around on it) which all users are supposed to put their hands on and wait for the answers from the spirit they are communicating with.

Do Ouija Boards Actually Work?

First of all Ouija Boards although they are often sold as “toys” should never be treated as such. They are a tool for divination and spiritual contact and should be taken lightly but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily evil in the typical sense of the word.

Think of it like this: If a person has a bad intent when using a board the likelihood is that they are not going to be communicating with anything good but if a person has a positive intent and plans accordingly before in terms of their questions and whom they’d like to contact then they will have a very positive experience.

There is a good reason that these spirit boards have been around so long. Put simply if you are someone who is open minded to the afterlife, the paranormal and a believer you will be able to fairly easily see how well they truly can work. But for those of you who do not take it seriously, you will not be taken seriously by the spirits either. Your best bet is if you’re interested in using one, you should either consult with an expert or a psychic or in the very least get a book on the topic so you can learn how to properly and respectfully use it before you begin.

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