Does Occult Mean Satanic?

Does the Occult Mean Satanic?

Fear mongers beware! We will not let your lies get in the way!

All dramatics aside the question at hand is; Does Occult mean Satanic? The simple answer is no. The word occult somehow along the way got lumped in with the practice of Satanism but has absolutely nothing to do with that practice whatsoever.

What Does Occult Mean?

Occult by definition simply means, that which is hidden or concealed from view.

So essential anything that is hidden whether it’s a secret recipe or how to grow the biggest tomatoes anyone has ever seen are all known as occult. As civilization and more importantly religions evolved the fear mongering and hateful speech came into play which led to such an erroneous categorization of this term.

Even some dictionaries now try to lump the term occult in with satanism which is incredibly disrespectful.

However we place all the blame on religious madness because some of it comes from the fact that many practitioners of magical arts, psychics, clairvoyants and even tarot readers kept their talents a secret from many due to fear of persecution which did nothing more than amplify people’s fear of the word. But can you really blame them?

Soon, unfortunately it became synonymous with all sorts of things whether they were evil or not.

Up until recently no one really fought back against the poor categorization of term but not many are and you too have now been let in on the big secret. So just remember occult doesn’t mean satanic it simply means something that is hidden from view.