There’s More to Finding Mr. Right Than Looks Alone

Finding Mr. Right

When it comes to relationships we all know that looks play an important role but there’s more to finding Mr. Right than looks alone. 

Obviously we all want a partner that we find appealing to the eye after all they are going to be in our beds for quite some time! But when on your path to finding love you need to consider all the harsh realities besides just those mysterious eyes and cute dimples.

I know it’s hard to get passed them but they may not seem to cute when you spend every night falling into the toilet because he left the seat up again or find yourself laying on top of that pizza slice he brought to bed with him.

Finding Mr. Right Involves Observation

Don’t judge a guy by the way he is around his friends but rather scope out how he is at his own home or apartment. Does it look like he lives in a frat house? Is his bathroom so disgusting you find yourself skipping drinks so you don’t have to endure it?

We must remember in the midst of all of the attraction, kisses and sweet comfy hugs that we also need to live with the man for the rest of our lives! It may seem harsh to some but these are harsh realities so why not make the best of them before you find yourself in too deep. There’s nothing wrong with finding out if you’re compatible with someone so don’t ever feel bad about making your own field observations.

So check out those personal habits including hygiene, personal ambitions and goals as well as anything else you can find out about him before letting yourself fall too deeply in love. This way you truly narrow the field down to your potential Mr. Right without the need for heartbreak later on. Trust me on that one!

What traits do you find the most attractive in a man besides looks? Share your thoughts with us and if you’d like some help or have questions about your current or future relationships, speak to an online love psychic today and find out what’s cooking in your future.