How to Tell if Your Psychic is Real

This is an area that’s unfortunate that we even need to address. In an ideal world knowing how to tell if your psychic is real wouldn’t even be a factor but due to the few that wish to try to profit off the emotions of others we must address it.

When you’re ready for a psychic reading the last thing anyone wants to deal with is wondering if the person truly has the spiritual gifts of clairvoyance or psychic abilities. So we thought we’d break down the easiest ways for you to ensure that any readings you receive are memorable and go as a smoothly as possible.

Tell If It’s a Real Psychic

First and foremost the number one way to tell if a psychic is real and the way we manage all of the readers we work with is by thoroughly testing their abilities. Many companies don’t even implement such a policy which is appalling if you ask me.

Every single one of our readers have been interviewed, tested and tried to ensure they are truly gifted and talented individuals rather than simply allowing anyone who claims it. So if you’re looking for a fast, sure fire way to verify your psychic, simply ask them if they have been tested. If they have then they will be able to tell you how and by whom they were tested.

We do not have a single expert online that hasn’t been tested and we back every reading with a money back guarantee so you can feel totally safe getting a reading with any of them. But if you’re checking out local psychics or happen to be traveling and come across one you’d like to try.

Just ask them if they have been tested before, trust us, you’ll know if they are authentic or not just by their reaction alone.

Another way to handle this is by having a conversation with them before hand, any true clairvoyant or psychic will understand your skepticism and discuss anything you’d like before hand. Of course they won’t provide a full blown reading for free but they will ensure you can tell they access the information you’re looking for.

If while you’re chatting, you start getting that uneasy feeling or I should say a bad gut feeling about them, then just politely decline and don’t bother with it. A reading with an authentic psychic should be easily verified and as comfortable as chatting with a close friend.

Armed with this information you should have no problem finding an authentic psychic for your next reading because now you know exactly how to tell if your psychic is real! If you have any experiences with this type situation or tips you’d like to suggest please share them in the comments below.