Kundalini the Energy Within

Kundalini the energy within

The human body is an enigma unto itself. One of the many facets of the body is it’s energy force. The kundalini is the dormant, sleeping energy located at the base of the spine. Often it is described as a coiled serpent, waiting to be awakened. This energy is often associated with a sexual or primal energy force, unconscious in nature.

Signs of your energy force being activated, are normally described as a tingling of the skull, or electrical current running up and down the spine. Through the practice of a specific style of yoga. It is believed that the Kundalini can be awakened and thus will rise through each of the chakras.

Each chakra it passes through will result in a different level of enlightenment until each reaches the crown chakra. Upon reaching the crown chakra it will produce a state of profound enlightenment or mystical experience.

What dormant power does your Kundalini hold?

If you are interested in awakening your untapped energy there are 2 known methods.

  1. Passive Method – It is believed by some that if you give in and try not to actively trigger an awakening, that it may actually happen on it’s own. This generally involves the assistance who has already achieved the awakened energy.
  2. Active Method – Through a series of exercises, meditation and yoga it is believed one can awaken their own dormant energy source. This is also usually done under an experienced teacher.

Now while it is possible to activate your own sleeping energy source, it can also happen even you are unprepared, and not attempting to activate the energy. This is often described as a spiritual crisis, because the individual affected is often confused and overwhelmed by the experience. Also a number of negative side effects will also occur. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Disrupted sleep patterns – insomnia, or oversleeping
  2. Anti-social behavior
  3. Headache, or pressure in the skull
  4. Increased blood pressure, and feeling of being hot
  5. Energy rushes
  6. Tingling in the spine or top of head
  7. Change in sexual desire – either no desire or extreme desire
  8. Intense mood swings

These are just a few of the side effects associated with spontaneous unprepared awakening. As you can see the Kundalini is a very powerful energy that demands respect. If you are considering, or want to know more about awakening your sleeping snake please feel free to contact one of our experts.

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