Love Heera the Psychic

Love Heera

Palmistry, pendulum readings and ancient Indian healing are just a few talents of Love Heera the Psychic. A certified healer and  guru of the ancient and mystical arts, Love Heera can help guide you in the right direction.

She is renowned for her chart work and helping those who are confused with their life path to bring them back into focus and steer them in the proper areas. Although she has always had the gift of third eye intuition and contact with her personal spirit guides, she has been performing readings for over 15 years and has already helped over 2000 people via our online network.

Love Heera Can Help

You can turn to Love Heera for the following types of readings:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Tarot Card Readings (TAROT OF THE OLD PATH, RIDER WAITE)
  • Crystal Quartz Pendulum Readings
  • Runes Stone Readings
  • Astro Natal Charting
  • Chakras Openings and Readings

Her energy is profound and something you will notice immediately upon beginning a reading. She has a very strong but pleasant presence that will make you feel right at home and comfortable with her reading and guidance.

Love Heera can address any concerns you have across all areas of your life as well as professional goals as well help you with personal mantras and spell work if needed for your particular case. Her past clients do nothing but praise her work and dedication to the craft which once you’ve had one reading with her you’ll certainly see why.

Experience a truly authentic psychic reading with Love Heera for all your questions and personal needs.