Magical Herbs for Home Protection

Magical Herbs for Home Protection

We all know there is evil in this world but we don’t all know there are easy ways to protect ourselves from it such as magical herbs for home protection and for personal protection as well.

You never know if someone is out there wishing you ill will, trying to put a curse on you or simply wanting to disrupt your life in ways unbeknownst to you. So to protect yourself and your loved ones, one of the easiest ways to do is by using magical herbs that have been used for centuries for protection.

These herbs were often used by royalty and ancient civilizations to ward off negativity and evil spirits and they have stood the test of time with their power.

Magical Herbs for Home Protection

What we’ve done is sorted through all the herbs that can be used and narrowed it down to the easiest to find and/or care for herbs available. The last thing you need is a hassle when it comes to home protection.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are used to protect your home and loved ones from personal attacks and negative psychic energy which includes ghosts and lost souls. Simply place some in a dish in your own such as a potpourri mix or take the dried leaves and sprinkle them around your home for full protection.


Dill is the perfect protective herb for overall well being and especially for protection of young children and babies. To protect your family you can either use dried dill in a potpourri bowl or sachet or for the maximum effect grow a small window planting of it.


Garlic not only protects you from curses but also keeps away all negative spirits, ghosts and more. The best part is it’s as simple as sitting out a dish of fresh garlic bulbs or hanging some in your kitchen to benefit from it’s power.


Sage is one of the most well known herbs that can be used to not only cleanse a home but to banish bad energies and spirits from the vicinity. For long term protection do a quarterly burnt sage cleansing in your home.


The more potent the herb is the more powerful it is so it’s always best to use fresh herbs when necessary or even start your own herb garden in your own or outdoors. However when it comes to garlic and dried herbs all you’ll need to do is replace them or refresh them when they have lost their aromas because as they fade away so do their effects.

If you have tried any of these herbs or have suggestions of your own feel free to leave them for the community to enjoy! What are your favorite herbs for personal and home protection?