The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician

Each tarot card has it’s own meaning and symbolism. Today we will cover the Magician Tarot Card Meaning and what it represents normally and when reversed.

Tarot cards have a rich cultural and esoteric heritage. Like a flower with many petals, the cards speak to us on several different levels.

Tarot decks are divided into Major and Minor Arcana.

The Major cards generally signify important life events or life stages (or they can represent people that are significant in your life or in relation to the question). The Minor Arcana, on the other hand, usually deal with day to day issues or situations.

The Magician card is one of the Major Arcana and is assigned the number one. As a card, it portends great things. The Magician card is aligned with Mercury (the planet that stands for communication, intellect, skills and logic).

Traditional colors and symbols are often associated with the card (although decks may vary). For instance, the Rider Waite deck depicts the magician on the card with an upraised hand with a wand, a cup on the table before him and the colors of red and white.

The gesture reveals the power and authority of the character, the cup represents alchemy (the ability to bring things forth and transmute circumstances), and the colors stand for purity (white) and wisdom (red).

The snake above his head is biting his own tail and is bent into figure eight on its side, the symbol of eternity. The other symbols around the magician represent magical workings and an ability to direct the flow of energy.

The central message of the upright Magician Card is that you have the power within yourself to accomplish all that you desire.

Magician Tarot Card’s Meaning

This is the card of manifestation, directed change, creative force and inner power. If you have been stressed out, afraid or even ill, consider the deeper meaning of the card. Take responsibility for everything that enters your life. You are the one who calls it into being.

If you have summoned that which you no longer want or what does not serve, like the character on the card, you have the power to change it and use it for your good.

Magician Card Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the card can signify that you are not using your gifts, or that you do not know your own power. You may be feeling overwhelmed, debased or just insecure. It can also mean that your finances are out of control, or that you need to reign in your spending.

Overall, this is a powerful card, and you would do well to heed the message that this card brings.