Our Phone Psychics vs the Call Centers

Phone psychics

We get asked this all the time and thought we’d write up an article for everyone about our phone psychics versus the call centers you see advertised on TV all the time. Now we don’t like to talk negatively about anyone whatsoever but sometimes businesses or in this case call centers need to be outed for the negativity they are doing to a group of special people.

Our phone psychics are all individuals doings this from their own homes and offices, not a call center. In fact none of them even work for anyone but themselves. So each and every psychic is doing so because it’s truly a gift they wish to share with the world.

All of them offer full money back guarantees for all their psychic phone readings and are very proud of the work they do. Which is exactly what you want when looking into having a reading performed for you.

Call Centers Don’t Compare

Now on the other hand you have call centers that act as sources of legit phone psychics but they are merely just paid performers callers that are simply being paid to try to take advantage of people. Unfortunately there is nothing in the law that truly prohibits these companies from doing so and in turn they give everyone a bad name.

To counteract this every psychic featured on our network has their abilities tested and verified prior to even being allowed to interview about being able to conduct phone and/or video chat readings via our online system.

To top it off there have been rating systems put in place as well as full refund options to ensure every single person who receives a readings with one of our phone psychics comes away with it 100 percent satisfied, knowing they have dealt with a authentic psychic, clairvoyant or medium. Now go ahead and enjoy a reading from tested accurate psychics.