Pendulum Readings Explained

Pendulum Readings

Quite a few of our psychic readers offer something known as a Pendulum Reading which needless to say leaves many wondering; what are pendulum readings?

Well that’s certainly nothing to feel bad about because it isn’t one of the most popular methods for performing a reading nowadays but historical it was always an extremely accurate was to assist with divination and communicating with the beyond.

What is a Pendulum Reading?

To put it simply a pendulum can be used during a reading sort of as an extension of one’s own psychic abilities. It is a sure fire way to bring about yes or no answers from the other side without having to rely solely on a mediums interpretations of the messages they are receiving. Believe it or not sometimes it can difficult for a reader to decipher the symbolic messages they receive and during times like this a pendulum is a way to gain that same answer with ease.

During pendulum readings the medium will often remove it from a soft pouch or a safe box, as it must always be respected and cared for, then they will many times say a prayer and ask for it’s guidance.

It’s then that the reader will hang the pendulum completely still and wait for the answer to come back. The pendulum will either swing in one direction for yes or the opposite for no. As you can tell it’s extremely easy for a psychic to use a pendulum and works great for those who have a few simple questions they would like answered.

If you’re interested in a reading where you can ask questions and get the direct answers you seek than you’ll truly appreciate a pendulum reading.