Psychic Gracepetals Compassionate Readings


Psychic Gracepetals is a kind and gentle intuitive clairvoyant psychic that provides the perfect readings for sensitive souls and those who are embarking on their journey towards their first ever reading. You’ll find that when you interact with her that she isn’t pushy whatsoever, is a great listener and really knows how to tune in on your feelings.

A seasoned natural born psychic and oracle card reader, she connects with her spirit guides to provide you with various formats in which to pose your questions about life, love and the world beyond. But it doesn’t end there, you can also turn to her for Reiki and chakra healings.

Grace Petals: Put Your Mind at Ease

Sharing her gift with the world is the most precious thing to her and you can rest assured knowing she will provide you with accurate, honest and sincere answers to all of your questions.

Gracepetals will help straighten out any confusion about your life path, love life or make those connections you ache to make. There is a realm beyond the physical and Grace acts as vessel between these two realms. Experience the magic that is a psychic reading with Grace Petals.