Simple Love Spell to Get Your Man

Simple Love Spell

Looking for Mr. Right or trying to win your man back? Try this simple love spell to get your man into your life and enjoy the beauty and magic that is being in love.

This love spell is super simple and easy to do. Best of all it doesn’t even require many items to accomplish it. As with all love spells only use them for positive reasons, after all you wouldn’t want any bad karma coming back your way. So if the man you love is currently happily married for example, you would not want to use a love spell on them. But for all other reasons get ready to start casting!

Simple Love Spell Instructions

So let us get started on the spell. To perform this one you’ll need a few key items as follows:

  1. Pink or Red Candle
  2. Lighter or Matches
  3. A Fresh Rose or Any Type You Find Beautiful (Important)
  4. Some Free Time in a Dark Room

Now that your items are in place, head into the room of your choosing, preferably one you feel most comfortable in. You’ll want to have all of your items placed down in front of you before you begin the spell.

Okay the next thing you’ll want to do is go ahead and light your candle slowly. Take a deep breath and hold it until it is completely lit the last thing you would want to do is blow it out as you begin the love spell!

As you go through the motions try to relax and begin to think about the specific man or type of man you want in your life. Visualize him and the things you’d do together such as laughing, holding hands or even some sweet smooches. Reach down and pick up your flower and hold it in front of your chest as you continue focusing.

With your flower in hand continue to focus on the love the companionship you two would have and mentally send your love out to him as if he was your husband and you were sending him all your love from afar.

Take the hand holding the flower and create a circle above the candle, moving your hand in a circular fashion. As you do so recite this message five times: The love will come to me. As I wish it to be. Without harm for anyone.

The final step is to inhale the scent of the flower and then blow out your candle with that breath. Your simple love spell is now complete and you’ll soon hear love knocking at your door.

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