Super Simple Weight Loss Spell

Simple weight loss spell

You’re going to love this super simple and fun weight loss spell we have for you. If you’re anything like me and could always stand to lose a few pounds than listen up and get ready to try something totally different.

Exercise can be a total drag but this is actually fun and a great way to stick to dropping the weight! All you’ll need for this weight loss spell is a candle and some will power.

Simple Weight Loss Spell

Okay here we go! Don’t worry it doesn’t involve daily trips to the gym! All you’ll need for this weight loss spell is the following items:

  1. A Thick Pillar Candle (Roughly 4 Inches Wide by 8 Inches Tall)
  2. A Dose of Will Power

Now when it comes to the candle please do select a color and scent that helps you relax. With your candle in your possession take a pin, needle or any item you can scratch the wax with and etch into the back of the very bottom how much weight you want to lose.

With your number carved into the wax you can place the candle somewhere safe that you’ll be able to go near once per day and meditate by. It could be on a dresser and you could be laying on your bed or it could simply be on a side table in your living room — wherever you prefer.

The final and most important part of this weight loss spell is that you’ll want to light your candle once per day and let it burn for 10 minutes each day. While it burns be near your candle and meditate about thoughts of losing the weight. Picture yourself thinner and having accomplished the weight loss you desired. Spend a minute picturing yourself easily controlling cravings and making healthier choices.

That’s all there is to it! If you follow the steps and try your best you too can put that extra weight to rest! If you  have further questions about health and wellness feel free to chat with one of our online experts.