Tapping Into Psychic Abilities

Tapping into psychic abilities

Tapping into psychic abilities is not only possible but something all of us have the ability to do. Many believe that the only psychics are those who are born that way and naturally have access to the gift but in reality all of us are born that way. It’s only after years of subconscious blockades being put up do we lose the ability to quickly tap into it.

So if you’d like to reawaken your own, you’ll need to work on breaking down those walls and igniting your mind’s awareness once again. The fastest way to do so is to start with telling yourself it is possible, not once but everyday. Reinforce it in your mind. Your brain is a powerful tool and through repetition is how it learns.

Tapping Into Psychic Abilities

After years of telling yourself it’s not possible you need to change that. It may sound silly but trust me it works. Along with this you’ll want to begin visualization exercises for example every night when you’re laying in bed, begin to visualize an object, room or whatever you’d like.

Continue to do so until you’re able to not only visualize it but able to truly see it within your mind’s eye. This will help focus those centers within your brain that will open up the awareness need to tap into your psychic abilities.

It may take some time but don’t give up! Breaking down those barriers takes some time but they will crumble and when they do you’ll be glad you stuck it out. Remember it took years to get those barricades put up so naturally it’ll take a bit of time to get them down.

Now finally begin weekly meditation sessions where you focus in on an issue, problem or question. Think on the subject as you sink deeper into a state of relaxation and don’t push any thoughts that come into your mind away.

Often times those inner “assumptions” or random thoughts, are actually your psychic abilities trying to come to the surface as is your gut feeling. Jot down any thoughts or answers you have come to you and test them. Start with small things, like where something was misplaced and watch how over time your accuracy continues to grow.

With practice and patience come great progress. So if you stick to these exercises in time you’ll find your abilities begin to blossom like a beautiful flower in the spring.