The Egyptian Scarab Beetle

Egyptian Scarab Beetle
Egyptian Scarab Artifact

The Egyptian scarab beetle is a very recognizable artifact. It has appeared in tombs, ancient Egyptian art, and even some very famous album covers.

The Egyptian scarab beetle was used as an ancient seal, and also as a talisman, or good luck charm. This scarab beetle plays a very important role in ancient Egyptian mythology. The most well known meaning for the scarab is the the sun god Ra, rolls the sun across the sky each day and transforms the bodies and souls of mortals.

This is modeled after the dung beetle which rolls a large ball of dung across the ground for the purpose of laying eggs, and then used as nourishment for the young. So with this similarity the Egyptian scarab beetle became the earthly representation of  Ra’s transformation of souls, and thus became a very sacred symbol.

In addition to the regular depictions of the scarab there are also those of a winged scarab, often holding a sun disk. This version had a slightly different meaning, but is still well regarded.

Legends of the Egyptian Scarab Beetle

The colorful winged scarab was believed to protect those on their journey into the afterlife. It was viewed as a get out of jail free card of sorts, and it was believed that if you possessed one you would be allowed into the underworld regardless of your actions during your life.

I hope this has given you a little insight into the Egyptian scarab beetle. So go get yourself a charm, necklace or paperweight of this resilient little creature, to admire its beauty or to give yourself a little cosmic insurance to help as you journey through life.