Top 5 Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Stress! We all hate it yet it’s an unavoidable negative in life we all deal with. Fortunately there are essential oils for stress relief that can help with this problem.

The use of essential oils is one of the safest and oldest ways to treat all sorts of ailments yet we still don’t see enough of it being used. Essential oils don’t need to be rub into the skin (they can be but take precautions, we’ll get to that in another article).

It’s truly as easy as using a few drops in an oil burner or even a light bulb ring (remember those!). Heck you could even get an incense version or a candle if you’d like so long as it’s the right scent for stress relief.

Okay let me guess you’re probably thinking that this is all fine and dandy but what about the types of essentials for stress relief – I need them!

Top 5 Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Whoa calm down! I know you’re stressed so let us move on to the list shall we? Just kidding! I’m doing it now! You’ll be happy to know all of these essential oils are easy to find in every from from liquid to incense cones so you’ll have no trouble locating them on or offline.

These are our top rated essential oils for stress relief:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Lavender
  3. Rose
  4. Geranium
  5. Nag Champa

Don’t let that stress beat you down anymore! Pick yourself up some essential oil and feel that pent of stress melt away in no time.

What’s Your Favorite Stress Relief Methods?

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