What Are Talismans Used For?

Four Leaf Clovers
Lucky Four Leaf Clovers

What are Talismans used for? Well that is a great question but first let us look at exactly what one is first. A talisman is an object that holds power for the individual, and is generally thought to bring good luck or even give protection. This can be any object, it all depends on what power, or energy the user gives to the object.

For example if you have a friend that plays bingo and brings one of those funny troll dolls, or if you have a favorite hat you always feel that you play golf better with, well there you go. They do not have to be the typical necklace that comes to mind when you hear the word.

What Are Talismans Used For?

That being said back to our question What Are Talismans Used For? Well first off like I said a talisman can be any object or even a symbol, but it has to be given a specific purpose. It has to be charged, or given energy by it’s user. Unlike amulets, which are already charged and have a broader use like an amulet of good luck talismans are more specific.

Many people carry talismans and are not even aware of it. Maybe you keep a locket with a picture of your parents inside, or lucky first date shoes. Many people will dismiss this as superstition or silly ritual, but fret not the power is for you the believer not them. It is important that if you desire to make a talisman for yourself that you have pure intentions, and do not want to use it for any harm or unfair gains. These actions will only bring negative energy to you.

Talisman of Charlemagne
Talisman Of Charlemagne Made for his wife to keep their love constant.

Also generally you should align your item with a corresponding planet or constellation in order to bring about the desired results. Think of it like embodying the metaphysical in a physical item. Some of the most well known talismans are the crucifix, the four leaf clover, the lucky penny, and the swastika.

I mention the swastika because I want to touch on how a good talisman can be used for evil intentions. The swastika is an ancient symbol of power respected by many cultures including Buddhists as a symbol of good luck, however it’s use with the Nazi party has given it a very negative reputation in parts of the world.

The same can be said of the pentagram, which many associate with evil or Satan. However this symbol holds great power for wiccans and is not evil at all. To them it is a positive symbol representing the 5 elements and the 5 closest planets.

I hope this has given you a better idea of what a talisman is and answers what are talismans used for? With anything spiritual just take care that you have good intentions and pure thoughts.