What is Crystal Magick?

What is Crystal Magick?

Many psychic readers incorporate the use of crystals which leads many to wonder; What is Crystal Magick? It actually encompasses several various uses of crystals to bring about a change or outcome that is desired.

For example some carrying a certain crystal or stone in their pocket, wearing a certain piece of jewelry or simply having a crystal placed beside your bed at night, all can be considered forms of crystal magick.

Yet the use of crystals in magick can go much further than that as well. For those who are psychic mediums or practitioners of the arts may use them for help with divination, spell work or for protection against negative energy.

Crystal Magick Offers Endless Uses

Each and every crystal has it’s own energies and uses based upon it’s makeup, coloring and how you utilize it. For example a medium may suggest using a Rose Amethyst worn near to your heart to assist with attracting love or a Blue Lace Quartz to help with anxiety and stress. So depending on the situation, each will call for a different type and color of stone to utilize it’s magical properties.

In essence Crystal Magick is the appropriate use of various crystal stones to help influence the changes or dreams you hope to make become a reality. If you need help with which stones to use or how to properly use them to assist you, feel free to ask one of our friendly spiritual advisers anytime you’re in need!