Harnessing the Power of Forgiveness


One of the most difficult obstacles we face in life is that of forgiveness. The power of forgiveness holds something so unique and powerful within it that begs all of us to take hold. As a person and as a people at large it’s our obligation to adhere to a principal based upon forgiveness.

Don’t be fooled — this is not to say that there are not times in life where we can continue to be abused, mistreated nor that there are not times when people do indeed deserve punishment. Rather this article is about the act of forgiveness in itself.

For example if you were in a bad relationship and your partner did you wrong which ultimately led to you two breaking up for good. Is there any harm done in forgiving that person? After all you are never going to see them again and do not have to be in a relationship with them but rather you can simply forgive them from afar. They do not even need to know about it. That’s the beauty of forgiveness.

Why We All Need to Forgive

There are multitudes of reasons as to why we should be forgiving as a people but the main one boils down to one thing: LOVE. Without forgiveness there can never be a true love or a true capacity to love. To love is to forgive and to forgive is to love.

It’s an internal thing that all of us must adhere to. Not only will it make positive changes in our lives but it will on others as well — even if they do not know. In an already stressful world there is no need for unnecessary bad feelings or grudges. Simply forgive and embrace love in your own life. So long as you do you will always find positive in your own life is right around the corner.

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