Natural Herbs For Stress Relief

natural herbs for stress relief

We all live very busy lives that are bombarded with artificial stimuli which can be very stressful. I am a believer that nature can provide us with all that we need to be healthy, so today I will discuss some natural herbs for stress relief.

As with anything please do your research before taking anything, and if you suffer from severe stress it is best to consult your doctor first.

Even though these are all natural herbs, some people may be allergic, or they may interfere with other medications you are taking  so please consult your doctor.

That being said let’s talk about some of my favorite natural herbs for stress relief.

  1. Kava Kava – This root has been used as a ceremonial drink in the south pacific for hundreds of years, in the west it is most commonly found in capsule form and known for its relaxing effects. Kava has been found to help with stress and anxiety, elevate mood and even is successful in treating insomnia.
  2. Passion Flower – Used in promoting a healthy nights sleep, passion flower is also helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. It is often consumed as a tea, but can be found in capsule form and even extracts.
  3. Valerian Root – Ancient root very common in tea form and used to help one relax and get a good night of sleep. Can also be found in capsule form.
  4. St. John’s Wort – Very well known herb, used in the treatment of mild depression and anxiety, some studies have found St. John’s Wort to be more effective than Prozac. Can be found in tea form or capsule.
  5. Lavender – Lavender has so many beneficial uses it’s unbelievable actually. Effective in reducing anxiety and irritability, lavender promotes relaxation and healthy sleep, and is also anti-bacterial. Commonly drank as a tea, or used in essential oil form.

While these are 5 of my favorite natural herbs for stress relief, may I also suggest doing some yoga, meditating or exercising as an even more natural form of stress relief. These activities require nothing but you and a little of your day and can be very very effective. So take time to stop and smell the lavender and relax in this busy world of ours.