The Fool: Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot Card Meanings: The Fool

We begin this series about Tarot Card Meanings starting with The Fool. We will continue to do so until we have covered every tarot card and it’s meaning for you. So make sure to check back often for more updates and if you have friends who are interested as always feel free to share this with them.

The Fool is one of the Major Arcana cards and plays an important role in all readings when drawn. You can see from the picture to the left that The Fool is dressed in a colorful ensemble that resembles a court jester or a motley and carried with him a staff with a bundle attached to one end along with a dog down by his feet as he stands at the very edge of cliff with the sun shining down upon him.

The background of The Fool is that he travels along with all of his possessions with him tucked inside of the bundle on his staff. He has no idea where he is going but he is filled with joy, excitement and wonderment but at the same time is filled with visions and questions regarding the world.

So much so that he doesn’t realize he has walked to the edge of a cliff and could likely fall off of it if he doesn’t pay better attention. At his feet the dog tries his very best to warn him of his impending doom. Leaving us all to wonder will he smarten up before it’s all too late!

The Major Arcana: The Fool

This card within the Major Arcana can either be the very first of the deck or the 22nd of the series of cards depending on which type of deck it is. Though foolish at first glance, The Fool is the card of endless possibilities and opportunities.

Within his bundle on his stick it contains everything he needs or could want to become or do anything he wants if he would only control himself long enough to stop, unpack and retrieve what he desires. In essence, though foolish he has everything needed to successful embark on a new beginning or chapter in life.

During a reading this could indicate a new job opportunity, the purchase of a new home or even a total change in lifestyle.

But along with the card one must take heed to the indicators that exclaim that although being excited about the journey or the future, one must beware of the dangers ahead so that they do not fall off the cliff and ruining their possibilities just like the fool on the edge of the cliff.

Also during a reading this may indicate smaller changes such as trying a new activity or preparing for a much needed vacation to reset, relax and renew one’s life.

Also just like his dog, it is always wise to at least listen and take warning from those around you just in case in the midst of your excitement you may also be unaware of the fact that you’re about to lose it all or fall just as The Fool is about to. In essence keep your mind, eyes and ears open to all that’s around you as you make your journeys in life no matter how big or small they may be. That is the true tarot card meaning of The Fool.

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