Candle Magick Colors and Meanings

Candle Magick Colors

To begin using Candle Magick one must learn the Candle Magick Colors and their meanings so they can easily plan for and prepare their rituals. By rituals we are referring to anything from something as simple as burning a candle for a loved to full blown spell work. Like many things candles too have a direct correlation between their colors and what they represent.

This also applies to what scent or essential oil is within the candle as well but we will save that for another time. So for now lets take a look at the Candle Magick Colors and what they stand for. Feel free to bookmark this page and use it as a reference guide anytime you need it or if you’d like to learn more in depth you can clear up any confusion or ask questions from one of the candle experts on the site.

Candle Magick Colors and Meanings

  • BLACK: Transitions, Banishment of Negativity and Protection
  • BLUE: Patience, Healing, Wisdom and Good Fortune
  • BROWN: Friends, Influencing Actions and Growth
  • GREEN: Employment, Wealth, Money and Power
  • ORANGE: Legal Issues, Property, Success and Personal Energy
  • PINK: Care, Affection, Love and Sensuality.
  • PURPLE: Psychic Abilities, Health Issues and Religious Purproses
  • RED: Health, Love, Passion, Sexuality, Fast Action and Survival
  • WHITE: Peace, Prayers, Purification and Protection

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