Good Luck Spell That Works

Good Luck Spell That Works

It is often in times of turmoil or economic problems that many people look for a good luck spell that works. The majority of us can really use good luck in our lives and this simple spell will do just that. It’s about bringing in the positivity, banishing bad karma and flooding your life with the things that you dream for.

Many spells and rituals are complicated and highly elaborate but we try to keep things as simple and as powerful as can be. Spell work is about harnessing energy and mental focus so that’s exactly what this will require.

Whether you are hoping for a job promotion, luck in love or just want to shed some light on bad times, we are confident you’ll find this not only extremely helpful but will bring about the changes you desire when done properly and in the right state of mind.

Now let’s move on to what you’ll need and how to perform the spell with ease at home. If you are not confident performing your own spells you can always have an expert help you with that online.

Easy Good Luck Spell

The following list is what you’ll need to begin your good luck spell and get all things positive coming your way.

  1. A Sunny Day
  2. An Item That is Gold Colored (Piece of Fabric, Coin, Jewelry etc…)
  3. A Piece of Paper
  4. Pen or Pencil
  5. Lighter or Matches
  6. Ashtray or Dish

With your items handy, you’ll need to go outside to perform this spell but before you do write down on your piece of paper what it is that you’re wishing for. Maybe it’s a job title, a soon to be lovers name or even simply the words good luck or good fortune if you’d like it to be more generalized.

Whatever it is you need the luck for, that’s what you want to write down. Leave the pen or pencil inside because now it’s time to head out!

Now with your items handy, head outside and find a quiet comfortable place to sit down. As you head to your spot think about what you wrote down, focus on what it is that you’re seeking.

Once you’re sitting down just take a few minutes and let the sun shine down upon you while you lay out your items in a circle on the ground in front of you. Take in it’s majestic beauty and all the power contained with in it as you think about what you wrote down.

The next step is to place your piece of paper into the ashtray or dish (fold it if it’s too big) and light it on fire with your lighter or matches. As it continues to burn, hold your golden colored item in your hands and focus on all the good luck that’s about to enter your life.


Stay focused at this point and stare at your burning paper while you recite the following; Good luck is mine, good luck is true. I will spend each day with you.

Continue reciting this until your paper has burned completely to ash. Once it has, pick up your dish or ashtray and hold it up towards the sun as a show of appreciation and then lower it back down.

To complete your spell dump your 100% completely cooled down ash on to the ground and rub it in with your hand. Your good luck spell is now complete.

If you tried this spell, please let us know in the comments section how it turned out for you. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences! If you’re unsure or just don’t feel comfortable performing this spell yourself, have a personalized spell cast for your online by one of our psychic advisers.