Healing Crystals A Brief Intro

Healing Crystals
Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals are an amazing gift from mother nature, and can be very beneficial if used properly and given respect. Numerous cultures have used crystals for many centuries including the Hopi Indians, Native Hawaiian Islanders, and the Chinese.

By placing charged crystals on the chakra area of the body that is afflicted, it is believed that the stored energy will have an effect on the body. Of course there are always those that will dismiss this sort of practice as myth, or placebo but crystals are amazing creations of nature that can hold great power.

Each Healing Crystal holds their own vibrational frequency, and as we have learned in earlier posts, vibrational frequency is essential to our well being, both physically and mentally. They are very important tools in balancing our bodies energies via our chakras.

It is very simple, to begin using healing crystals, and no you do not have to be an expert. The easiest way decide which aspect of your life that you need assistance in. Then purchase a small pocket sized crystal that corresponds to that issue, carry it around for a month while remaining positive, and after a month see if you have been affected in that area. I am sure you will seek out more crystals after that!

Since I am relatively new to using healing crystals and it is a personal experience, I am not going to get into the types of crystals, healing properties etc. However I have a very informative video that can explain it in great detail courtesy of The Spirit Science Series.

If you’re interested in experiencing the power of the crystals first hand, you can find a wide array of healing crystals online and have them shipped directly to your door.