Healing Stones: Aquamarine

Aquamarine Stones

Healing stones have been being used since the beginning of time.

Aquamarine is the healing stone we will be focusing on for now. But continue to check back as we will be covering various stones and their uses over time.

We all know Aquamarine as that blue green stone we see so often in jewelry but there is much more to them then just their beauty. Aquamarine has long been linked to magical healing, power and protection.

Due to the fact it has found itself highly used in meditation rituals and helping one become closer to their spiritual being.

Aquamarine the Healing Stones: Usage

Whether you use a single stone or simply wear it as a form of jewelry you can harness it’s effects just the same. As jewelry you’ll find it brings about happiness and a relaxed state of being.

With mediation it can have profound impacts on your ability to connect with others and yourself — easily becoming relaxed and open with each use. All of us can use a bit more of that!

So next time you see that old piece of aquamarine jewelry, dust it off and put it to use for it’s relaxation and healing powers.