What Are The Wiccan Holidays?

wiccan holidays
Wiccan Wheel Of The Year

Everyone loves holidays, even witches. Celebrations with friends and loved ones are great, and we know all of the mainstream holidays, but what are the wiccan holidays?

According to the wiccan calender there are 8 holidays, or Sabbats that are commonly celebrated. Wiccan holidays are always celebrated from sundown on the holiday itself until sundown the following day, and their New Year begins at sundown on October 31st, as opposed to January 1st. So that would be the first.

8 Wiccan Holidays

  1. New Years Day October 31st at sundown – This is also New Year on the druidic calender. As legend goes the veil between the earthly realm and the spirit world is thin leading up to to All Hallow’s Eve and on the night of, the veil disappears allowing spirits from the underworld to enter our own world. Also known as Samhain.
  2. December 21st Winter Solstice РThe celebration of the shortest day, and longest night of the year. On this holiday known as Yule, wiccans celebrate the birth of the sun god, (as each day after grows longer), with mistletoe, yule logs, and yule trees, in the same vein as Christmas.
  3. Imbolic February 2nd – Celebration in honor of Brigid, goddess of fire, healing, and fertility. This is a time of increasing strength for the sun god.
  4. Ostara March 21st – The spring equinox, day is equal to night at this point, and it is a time to plant new crops. The German goddess of spring is honored on this day.
  5. Beltane May 1st – May Day, celebration of the fertility god, and goddess. The symbol for this holiday is eggs representing fertility.
  6. Litha June 21st – Summer solstice. On this date darkness has been overtaken by daylight, and this is the day that the sun god is at the highest point in the sky.
  7. Lammas July 31st – Also know as harvest eve. This day celebrates the traditional first harvest of the year.
  8. Feast of Mabon September 21st –¬† The Autumn equinox. This day is the celebration of the birth of Mabon, the son of Mordon, who is the Goddess of the earth. This date is also the harvest festival.

I hope this brief rundown of the 8 wiccan holidays has been helpful and maybe even has inspired you to take time on these dates to honor mother nature.