What is an Aura?

What is an aura?

Many of you have heard the term Aura before. But what exactly does it mean? It is believed to be an area of illumination that a person or an object emits, surrounding them, like a luminous outline.

Many cultures describe the presence of this light, usually when describing a person of great spirituality, or enlightenment. For example the Buddhists, and Hindus link the colors of the surrounding light to the chakras, and kundalini energy. In fact the Buddhist flag is made up of the colors reported to be seen surrounding the enlightened Buddha.

In some Western philosophies the phenomenon can be described as the halo of light, or body of light surrounding an individual. This is mentioned in both the Bible, and in Islamic traditions.

What Does Your Aura Say About You?

In parapsychology it is believed that the Aura can be seen with practice, or in some cases spontaneously, and is often associated with the opening of the third eye. Some parapsychologists, associate the different colors with the personality of the individual that is omitting it. Although the phenomenon is often times described as a light, it is not visible in total darkness, or unless the person being viewed is partially visible.

This shows that it is not an actual light but some other manifestation that we are able to view as having the appearance of light. It is also believed that the halo or golden disk often seen in biblical paintings is actually the artist’s way of  representing the light that they were witnessing.

I hope that clears up exactly what an Aura is for you, and if you are interested in having yours read to see what it says about you please feel free to ask one of our gifted psychics.