The Perfect Healing Crystals Set

A healing crystals set

If you’ve been getting into crystal magick or the use of healing crystals this will be perfect for you. This is a healing crystals set that comes with everything you need to get started on your path to utilizing their natural powers. Best of all it’s available on Amazon so you know it’s a safe buy with ultra fast shipping as well.

In this set comes with a total off 21 healing crystals all of which are natural mineral gemstones and they come with reference cards so you can see at a glance what each of them are used for.

Also we’d like to point out that all with the crystals you’ll receive a beautiful clear quartz point some as well to make for a total 22 crystals. This is by far one the best beginner’s healing crystal sets we’ve seen available anywhere.


What’s Included in Each Healing Crystals Set

  • 21 Healing Crystals and 1 Quartz Point
  • 8 Satin Storage Pouches for Each Set
  • 7 Reference Cards Packed with Info About Chakras
  • Informational CD